About US

"One Land, Snow, Water or in the Air, Be the Rider you want to Be"

BeRide’s mission is “to create a worldwide community of outdoor activities enthusiasts and inspire them to achieve their individual goals”

Olessia and I are keen outdoor activities enthusiasts and are trying to raise our kids in the same fashion. 
We believe that outdoor activities are good for the body and the mind. 

From my first snowboard ride in La Rosiere some 20 years ago to my first taste of wakeboarding the following summer, we have since spent our holidays trying out new sports in various countries.

Driven by passion, and realizing our contribution would not come from being professional athletes, BeRide is for us the way we can help millions of outdoor enthusiasts have a great time no matter where they are located. There is always something exciting to do nearby!

We have brought together our own experience in trying to learn how to surf, kite surf, stand up paddle, dive, and more, across a dozen of countries.
We are utilizing our corporate skills in leading large-scale projects that leverage technology and are taking clues from where the food delivery and lodging industries are headed.
We are factoring in the good and the bad of what we saw when having classes in various water sports, ski and snowboard schools around the world.
And doing our outmost to put those great local outdoor activities service providers on the map so more people can enjoy having a great time and best practice and safe structure.


What we do

1.     We partner with outstanding local businesses and promote their outdoor activity services online and offline. We work closely with them in creating rich content, photo and video, that is used on social media platforms.

2.     With our multi-platform BeRide app, we make it easy and safe for outdoor activities enthusiasts to find trustworthy outdoor activities service providers. Either they are looking for fun or want to compete.


Why starting in Portugal?

Portugal is wonderful in many ways. For us it has been about the people, the accessibility to fantastic surf, kite surf, diving, stand up paddling spots.
No matter what outdoor activity you want to do, Portugal will deliver it.

To start a business though, you need more than a wonderful place, you need trustworthy people.

Back in 2013 we went on holiday in Cascais, near Lisbon, that’s where we met Luis Menezes.
We were initially going on a kite surfing holiday and thanks to Luis we ended up surfing, kite surfing, buggy driving, horse riding, all terrain Segway riding, stand up paddling and much more.
Luis has been a fantastic instructor, friend and now partner in the BeRide.


We are very excited to making this happen and are looking forward for any comment and feedback you may have.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out.


Antonio Willybiro
+351 91 826 3525
BeRide Portugal
Quinta dos Amarelos
Aldeia do Meco, 2970-065 Sesimbra


Meet the BeRide Team 





Having changed countries, professional occupation and industries I have finally applied my passion into what makes a real difference – helping people have fun while doing sports. My personal preferred ones are wakeboarding, skiing and yoga but I have not given up either on surfing or kite surfing as yet.

Snowboarder who fell in love with Wakeboard at first sight. Recently converted to Kite Surf and in his spare time still trying to catch waves with his surf board.

Surfing has been my life: surfing waves for 35, mountains for 40, having a blast with any kind of board and hoping to try new stuff everytime I get! Stoke is my way of life!